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Why is it Important to get a Land Survey before Purchasing Real Property?

Purchasing real property is a big investment. One way to avoid getting in over your […]

Should Easement Users Help Pay for Maintenance?

Can the owner of an easement ask or demand that the easement users help pay […]

Whose Responsibility Is It to Maintain an Easement?

Who Maintains a Right of Way Easement If you are looking for answers to questions […]

What Is An Easement?

In this blog we will discuss what an easement is, the types of easements there […]

An Easement May Exist Despite a Deed Being Silent on its Existence

Generally speaking, an easement is an interest in the land of another that gives its […]

Property Owner Cannot Create Easement Over Own Land

An easement is defined as a ‚Äúnonpossessory interest in the land of another that gives […]

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