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What to Look For In a Property Survey?

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What are Easements

What Is An Easement?

In this blog we will discuss what an easement is, the types of easements there […]

Types of Easements

What Are The Different Types of Easements in California?

There are 6 types of easements in real estate. Easement appurtenant. Utility easement. Easement by […]

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Easements by Necessity Requirements for Landlocked Land

At Schorr Law, our real estate attorneys Los Angeles frequently deal with all sorts of […]

What is a Roadway Easement?

Roadway Easement for Ingress and Egress The most common type of easement is a roadway […]


Easements and Permanent Encroachments

Encroachment into Easement One of our favorite types of disputes of late are easement disputes […]

Can You Get A Prescriptive Easement for Parking?

A relatively simple question: Can you get a prescriptive easement for parking? The simple answer […]

An Easement May Exist Despite a Deed Being Silent on its Existence

An Easement May Exist Despite a Deed Being Silent on its Existence

Generally speaking, an easement is an interest in the land of another that gives its […]

What is a Billboard Easement?

Just as sometimes your neighbor might have a right of way easement so that they […]