Easements by Necessity

At Schorr Law, our Los Angeles based easement and real estate attorneys see many types of easement disputes.  Easements can be created in a number of different ways.    An easement by necessity is exactly what it says – an easement that is created because of a true need. Easements by necessity arise out of the public policy that favors the productive use of land and discourages the waste of real property due to a lack of access to the real property.

An easement by necessity requires that their be a common grantor. This means that the parcel that now requires the easement for access must have been previously part of a larger parcel of land (that had access).

An easement by necessity can arise where a landowner sells one or more parcels and one of the parcels is completely landlocked – has no means of access.  In those circumstances, the law implies that the parties intended to create an easement across the other parcel for the benefit of the landlocked parcel.

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By Zachary D. Schorr, Esq.